Common Hot Tub Repairs

Common Hot Tub repairs are from pumps gone bad, heaters tripping breaker, hi limit and flo errors

Hot Tub Heater Issues?

If your hot tub is not heating or tripping the breaker it could be from a number of failures. We will perform a complete diagnostics for your spa repair issue. Before we schedule a day and time we will ask for the make, model and serial number so that we will be able to do the heater repair in one stop. 

Hot Tub Pump Issues?

Hot Tub pumps do go bad over time. It can be from PH/Alkalinity issues or water hardness causing a shaft seal leak or pulling high amperage causing pump to over heat and trip the breaker. We will diagnose the situation and give you the best repair options and guide you in water care if that was the problem.

Hot tub flo errors & Hi Limit tripos are different depending the the make and model of your hot tub

Hot Tub Flo Errors, Temperature & Hi Limit Issues

Flo errors can be from a faulty pressure or flow switch not opening and closing during flow. Flow errors varie per hot tub brand name. Temperature sensors and Hi limit trip can be replaced and needs to be diagnosed properly.

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